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Hi Ed,

That replacement file, to fix slow decodes, is not an install file, it is meant to replace the exisiting JT-Alert.exe executable. Running that file in any other directory than where JT-Alert is installed will generate the errors you observed.

The replacement JT-Alert.exe needs to be placed in the folder where JT-Alert is installed, overwriting the exiting file.

de Laurie VK3AMA

On 14/01/2013 3:23 AM, lmeeny wrote:

On January 11 a replacement was released in response to a slow display of decoded signals.

Attempting to run the installer an error message was received.

"There has been an error starting the SQLite database component." 

farther on: SQLite error message: library used incorrectlyDLL File c:\users\ed machak\desktop\sqlite3dll. missing."

followed by:

SQLite error message: library used incorrectly.
SQLite error code 21

Ed Machak

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