locked Double-Click Decoded Callsign

Doug Netherton VE3MCF

Hi Laurie,

First of all, let me congratulate you on a great application.
It appeared at just the right time to fulfill a great need.
I have more that 350 jt65 qso's, so searching the log for
duplicates is a great asset.

I'm not sure if my problem is a config problem or not.
In 1.4.1, I could double-click on a decoded callsign and
DXKeeper would do a search on the callsign and DXView
would also bring up information on the callsign.

In my 1.5.1 system, it just does nothing.
DXView is 3.6.1, DXKeeper is 9.6.9, JT-Alert 1.5.1, JF65-HF 1.0.7

JT-Alert Parms:

- Logging set to DXKeeper - Works great
- DXLab - Perform DXKeeper lookup to new JT65-HF "TX to Call Sign"
entry is ticked - Works great! Can untick and function stops.
- Allow DXKeeper lookup via callsign right-click
context menu is ticked.
- Allow Pathfinder lookup via callsign right-click
context menu is not ticked as it is not installed.
- CallSign Databases set to use DXLab versions. Recommend installing
minimalist version of DXLab i.e. DXLauncher, DXView to install
and maintain DXLab databases instead of "re-inventing wheel"
to maintain JT-Alert versions.
Doug, VE3MCF

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