locked Timing - again

John Holmes W9ILY

I have noticed something odd about the timing of decoding and I wanted to mention it to you. When I first begin JTAlert my log file with just under 189,000 QSOs is read quite quickly as noted by the progress bar. However the first time anything is decoded from WSJT-X is after 2:00 have passed and that is a only partial decode that flashed on the screen for about :01. The first "real" decoding of the entire received screen occurs at the 3:00 mark but is was after :13 had passed. Then the next decoding occurred at :10, then the next at :08 then the next was at :06 with a refresh at :10. I noticed several of these partial decodes were followed in 2 or 3 seconds by another "full" decode that included the calls at the very bottom of the received window. I have been monitoring 20M that is a very busy band and I have 36 callsign windows on JTAlert opened. Most of the time not all 36 are filled. The first decoding may occur as soon as :02 seconds after the WSJT-X window appears but not all the calls appear. After :02 more the decode display is repeated and includes calls that were missed the first time.  After about 15 minutes it seems to stabilize and decodes appear in 3-5 seconds. I hope that something can be modified to speed up the initial decode time and the 3-5 second lag for a "stabilized" decode.
Thanks for your help.
John W9ILY

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