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On 21/08/2018 6:07 PM, Tom Ramberg via Groups.Io wrote:
Hello. I'm extremely happy with the way JTAlert-X works with realtime logging to Eqsl.cc, qrz.com logbook and Clublog.org

Up to now I have imported the JTalert ADI logfile into my logger (Swisslog for Windows) and it works well enough, but the neat thing would be if I could also make Swisslog get the qsos dirctly from JTAlert. There are two sections in the settings for JTAlert, one is the rebroadcast of WSJT-X UDF packets, with the same page also mentioning the UDP port for N1MM+, and the other is the Last Qso, that also states a UDP port. Which of these should be set to 2334? I've set Swisslog to listen to UDP port 2334.

73 de Tom OH6VDA

It depends on what Swisslog is listening for. Is it listening for an ADIF packet representing the logged QSO or is it listening for standard WSJT-X UDP traffic (decodes and logged QSO)?

If SwissLog is listening for UDP traffic, then enable the UDP rebroadcast.
If SwissLog is listening for a UDP packet (adif record) of the QSO just logged, then enable the last QSO API.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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