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Ken Yates

I'm confused.  Y'all are saying that the latest version of JT-Alert (2.12.4) works with HRD logbook v6. ...but the JT-Alert page clearly says:

  • Automatic logging to these log types when QSO is logged in JT65-HF or WSJT-X
    • DXLab DXKeeper
    • ACLog
    • Log4OM
    • HRD Log V5
    • Standard ADIF 2.2 file
    • MixW CSV file
So, not mention at all about HRD 6.x logbooks being supported for automatic logging.  By automatic logging, I refer to the jt-alert 2.10.0 version generating a popup window at the end of a confirmed QSO and then automatically logging the contact into HRD 6.0 logbook without 'clicking' on anything.  (This feature is extremely important to me as I often log in to my home pc remotely to make QSOs from a police communications center during downtime.  If I suddenly get tied up on an emergency call, I don't want to 'lose' the qso.  

      de KI3N 

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