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Release Notes...
2.12.4 (07-AUG-2018)

    - WSJT-X UDP receive packets rebroadcast (JTAlert Settings, Applications ->
       WSJT-X section) is now automatically disabled if the port is incorrectly
       set to the same port as used by WSJT-X (UDP Server Port).
    - Config file (SQLite) changes to reduce the risk of file corruption.

    - "OH/" prefixed callsigns incorrectly alerted as Aland Is (OH0) rather
       than the correct Finland (OH).
    - End of UTC day decodes (for 23:59:45 period) incorrectly have their date set
       to the new UTC day if the decodes are received for processing after 00:00:00.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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