locked Help please: WSJT-x Changing Window View Font Sizes

Mark W2OR

Greetings.  The WSJT-x User Guide mentions a simple procedure for altering the visual fonts for the Band Activity window and Rx Frequency window.  One has to first find the "Installation Directory" and then add a simple .txt file, which easy to make, per the instructions.  Since my eyesight is not that good, I need to increase the fonts using this procedure.  But I need help :  

Would someone here kindly let me (us) know where exactly this Installation Directory is located, so i can follow the instructions and add the small .txt file.  Thank you.  I just can't find it.  We would need to know:  The exact name of the "Installation Directory" file at installation time.  What is the name of its 'parent umbrella file'  (my term) where it is found?  Thank you.

// Mark

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