locked Re: Can 4M be added?

Frank PH2M

Hello Laurie,

I 'am looking forward to the 4M implantation :-).
I was mistaken about 60M (my laptop JTAlert screen is different from my shacks screen), it is indeed visible in the shack!

73 de Frank PH2M

Op 5-8-2018 om 03:47 schreef HamApps Support (VK3AMA):

On 2/08/2018 8:36 PM, Frank de Wilde wrote:
Hello Laurie,

Can 4M be added to the JTAlertX main window, mine jumps from 6M to the 2M band, also 60M is missing I think ( I 'am on my laptop now, so can't proper check!) ?

73 de Frank PH2M - JO22HC13 (mainly QRV on 6M, 4M & 2M - FT8)

It is on the todo list, but implementation is not imminent, sorry.

Adding 4m will be part of a major overhaul that will also add 630m. The changes are not trivial however and will require a significant redesign of all the Settings window sections where Band select is available, a new layout in the main window to add an additional 2 bands, changes to the Band Activity display and the Callsign history widows.

60m is already available. Where is it missing for you?

de Laurie VK3AMA

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