locked JTAlert 2.12.3 Updated and is not working properly at all..


Hi all, here we go.. I just made the update on JTAlert from 2.11.? to the latest 2.12.3. Let me tell you, I sure did not expect this.. All fields are fully populated with call signs from all over the country. The program will not respond to WSJT - X 1.9.1 when decode is complete. JTAlert continuously populates the call signs about every 8 seconds. And none of the calls are what is showing on WSJT screen after a decode. I also cannot get any of the highlight selections from WSJT to appear in the JTAlert Call selection for Name, QTH, GRID,  ect…  I am running Windows 10, with Signalink to an FT-890 Yaesu, I have match all the setting to the previouse and have triple checked!!  Have not had any issues what so ever since the first of the year with this program. It has been flawless, so, You can imagine my surprise and confusion. I have rebooted after each download, I have uninstalled  and reinstalled about a half a dozen times the whole program and still to this point no success. Hoping for a directional pointer at this point.. Help!!


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