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Rick Wines

Mike is just that, a guy who was put here to help those of us who don’t know the program as Mike does. He CALLED me and we spent about 2 hours going over the settings, so were right, many were not. He also found a glitch in my reception side of WSJT-X that the company is still researching on and can’t wait until I hear from them. He is indeed a “wealth of knowledge”.


Rick, W5FKW

Round Rock, TX


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I want to say a sincere thanks to Mike Black, W9MDB, for his help and knowledge of many things, of primary interest to me was getting WSJT-X working again.
That took Mike about 60 seconds to fix, after he found out that I used to be running a Beta version of WSJT-X, and somehow, it was updated to 1.9.1 and the upgrade wiped out everything in the Settings/Frequencies tab.  Somehow, I can't remember exactly how he did it, he repopulated this tab, and everything was working fine once again.
  But he also showed me a great deal about WSJT-X, JTAlertX, and proper use of my radio, and the SignaLink for best use in all the digital modes.
I am simply amazed at his wealth of knowledge and thankful for his help and suggestions for tweaking all this complexity to work at it's peak without stressing the radio while maintaining a powerful, but clean signal.

Now I have to write everything down so in case of something else going awry, I can put it back.  


Robert AC2MM


On 8/1/2018 11:31 PM, Michael Black via Groups.Io wrote:

Signalink is PTT only via VOX triggering from the PC side.  No CAT.


de Mike W9MDB





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So much going on in your description.

Does the SignalLink support CAT control?
I suggest, you get WSJT-X HRD Cat Control working first, then move onto
Getting JTAlert Logging working.

de Laurie VK3AMA

On 2/08/2018 10:03 AM, Robert wrote:
> This is one of those issue where you don't know who to ask because
> there are several things in play here.
> My understanding of JTAlert-X is that it is responsible for looking up
> the QSO info on QRZ.com, and installing the name and such to the
> completed QSO from WSJT, and sending it on it's way to the HRD
> Logbook, "My Logbook".
> While I have been using this successfully for about a year now with no
> problems with my Kenwood TS-590S and HRD, I had to install a SignaLink
> sound card for other reasons.  I don't use the Kenwood internal
> soundcard anymore.
> Rather than get Carpel Tunnel from retyping everything, let me paste
> my question I posted recently to the WSJT Users Group.
> Please understand that the most important part of these two problems
> (for me) is to get JTAlert-X to send a completed QSO to the HRD
> Logbook.   That's why I'm here.
> I'm having a problem setting up WSJT-X (1.9.1) / JTAlertX  to work with
> HRD like it used to.
> To simplify digital mode control, I eliminated using the Kenwood TS-590S
> sound card, and reinstalled my SignaLink sound card instead.  HRD helped
> me with the setup and the DM-780 is working fine for all digital modes,
> logging included.
> WSJT / JTAlertX used to work perfectly with HRD before this point also,
> logging all my contacts from WSJT/JTAlertX into HRD, changing the radio
> frequency as I switched WSJT to different bands/modes, etc. Perfect.
> Two problems:  (HRD running as normal)
> 1.  I have no CAT control.  I can't change bands, in fact the bands
> window doesn't show you what band you are on.  Before using the
> SignaLink, I would simply change to another band/frequency using the
> dropdown box, then the radio would change to that band/frequency, as
> well as the SteppIR antenna.
> It transmits fine, receives fine, and the Power and Receive levels are
> controlled via the SignaLink as they should be now.  Strangely enough,
> if I change the band on the radio, WSJT will follow suit, but the
> dropdown box will not work that shows you what frequency you should be on.
> 2.  It logs the QSO's into the WSJT ADIF file, but JTAlertX does not
> transfer the completed QSO into HRD anymore.
> Here is my setup as best i can describe it.
> HRD for software.
> Kenwood TS-590S
> SignaLink sound card.
> Win10 OS.
> Kenwood TS-590S, Menu #63 Set to ACC2 port for Data Communication.
> One cable from the Kenwood ACC2 Port into the SignaLink USB port, then
> the outgoing SignaLink port (Radio) going to USB #5 Codec in the computer.
> One cable from the Kenwood USB port direct to the USB #8 Codec in the
> computer. (for HRD control)
> WSJT Settings
> Tab "Radio"
> Rig:  Kenwood TS-590S
> Left Pane:  COM 4   (USB #5 Codec), Eight, two, Hardware
> Right Pane:   CAT, Rear Data, USB, None
> Tab "Audio"
> Audio:   Both Input & Output  (5-USB Audio Codec)
> JTAlertX Settings
> Enable HRD V5/VB6 Logging, Checked
> Settings / HRD V5/V6 / PC IPv4 Address
> Settings / Sound Card / [3] Speakers / headphones (Realtek)  (This
> enables JTAlertX to announce the wanted Countries, etc through the
> stereo speaker system)
> That's everything I can think of to describe my situation.
> I had a previous WSJT situation which I won't go into now because adding
> the SignaLink cured that problem. (as well as some others)
> So the current status is that WSJT and JTAlert-X is working as it's
> own entity.
> 1.  JTAletrs-X won't send completed logs to HRD.
> 2.  I have no CAT control using WSJT.
> These are probably related, I don't know, but I'm looking for help
> from wherever I can get it.
> Thanks in advance,
> Robert  AC2MM


Being an absolute "newbie" to JTAlert (four days), what does the asterisk denote to the left of the callsign in the callsign bars?

Rick Wines, W5FKW

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