Locked Re: [Ham-Apps] HRD Logbook Refresh

Jim - N4ST

There was an option in HRD Logbook options for "Sharing".
You set a polling interval that the logbook would look for changes in the
database in case it had been altered by external access.

I stopped using it, because under some conditions, specifics unknown to me,
it would duplicate an entry.
I found it easier to manually refresh rather than check for duplicate QSOs.

Jim - N4ST

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Subject: [Ham-Apps] HRD Logbook Refresh

I know when you LOG QSO in JT65-HF the HRD Logbook can be set to
automatically refresh after a few seconds after it's logged, so you can see
it displayed. I can't remember if this is a setting within JT-Alerts or in
HRD Log. If it's unrelated to JT-Alerts, I apologize in advance Laurie. I am
helping a friend get set up on JT-Alerts and he got the Log QSO working now
but it isn't refreshing in his logbook.



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