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Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

You need to run a JTAlert Scan Log & Rebuild with the Wanted DXCC scan QSL confirmation type(s) set per your requirements for
considering a DXCC as no longer needed.

Performance and lookup speed is a prime requirement for JTAlert especially during periods when the are many decodes to process. To
avoid very slow disk-based file lookups of your log to determine what Alerts to generate as decodes are processed, in-memory lists
are used. These in-memory lists, called the "Wanted Lists" are created/rebuilt when performing a Scan Log and allow for very fast
determination of which Alerts are generated by each decoded Callsign.

The Scan Log should be performed on a regular basis, especially after your Logger log has been updated with an new QSL confirmations
(Card, eQSL or LoTW).

If you have specific QSL requirements set for a Scan, say LoTW for Wanted DXCCs as an example, then only QSOs found in your log
(during the Scan) that have the LoTW confirmed flag set will be used to rebuild the Wanted DXCC List.

+ As you know, Laurie, DXLab's DXKeeper maintains progress tables for the DXCC, IOTA, Marathon, VUCC, WAS, WAZ, and WPX awards that
enable "need" for an award to be determined by reading a single record, rather than by scanning all logged QSOs. When a new QSO is
worked, or an existing QSO is modified or deleted, these progress tables are automatically updated, and notifications are sent to
client applications.

+ I fully understand why JTAlert does not reference DXKeeper's progress tables: they live on secondary storage (your point above),
and they are unique to one of the many logging applications that JTAlert supports (Larry K8UT's recent point). My question is this:
is there an interface that DXKeeper can invoke to initialize JTAlert's in-memory structures with progress information for the
relevant awards, and to update those in-memory structures when the user adds, modifies, or deletes a logged QSO? If so, then I'd
like to extend DXKeeper to employ these interfaces so that users won't have to periodically direct JT-Alert to re-scan their logs.


Dave, AA6YQ

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