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On 14/07/2018 2:13 PM, Adrian wrote:
I have just tried again and made a contact with a ZL station. Everything going ok until the WSJT-X popup to log QSO I click OK. JTAlert popup saying QSO logged OK. Then every 5 seconds or so JTAlert popup saying QSO logged OK. No matter how many times I click the OK button it wont go away until I stop JTAlert and restart.
Only software running on my laptop is HRD, JTAlert, D4 and WSJT (all latest versions except HRD)

Adrian VK4KL

This is different behaviour from what you originally reported.
It appears that JTAlert is receiving multiple UDP QSO logged packets from either WSJT-X (unlikely) or some other source. There have been no other reports of this behaviour, it is likely caused by something specific to your PC environment.

As a first diagnostic step, reboot Windows into Safe Mode with Networking (Google how to do that for your Windows version) and see if this repeated notification continues, if if doesn't that indicates that a process normally auto-started by Windows is causing the problem, very likely your Virus/Malware protection.

If Safe Mode doesn't correct the problem, I will need to examine your JTAlert session files. Do the following...

  • Enable debug recording via the "Settings -> Enable Debug Recording" JTAlert title-bar menu.
  • Restart JTAlert, that is close JTAlert and then start JTAlert.
  • Operate as normal.
  • Once your experience the repeated Logged QSO confirmation notices, restart JTAlert to stop them, then send a support request (use the "? -> Contact Support" menu, on the JTAlert title-bar).
  • Leave the "Enable Debug Recording" menu enabled.
  • Once a solution is found for your problem you can turn off debugging.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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