locked [Ham-Apps] JT-Alert 2.0.8 available for download - Soundcard Fixes

Laurie, VK3AMA <groups04@...>

JT-Alert 2.0.8 is ready for download.

The important fix here is the automatic detection of Windows initiated change of sound device ID while JT-Alert is running. JT-Alert will change to using the new ID without loss of audio alerts. This change in sound device ID only occurs under Vista/Win7/Win8 when an existing device is removed or goes into hibernation and then only if that device had a lower ID than the device used for JT-Alert audio announcements.

From the Release Notes...
    - Sound playing with wrong soundcard after Windows reassigned Soundcard IDs.
    - Soundcard selection box not showing current setting (not all users).
    - One of the debugging session files being incorrectly truncated.
    - Decoded callsigns/colors are now cleared when Configuration is opened.
    - Language files will default to using English for missing words and phrases.
    - Setup now records a log of warnings and errors generated during install.

Download from here...

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de Laurie, VK3AMA

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