locked Re: JtAlert Not Logging to HRD or N3jhp #FT8

Brian (N2MLP)

You have a setup problem



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Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2018 1:27 PM
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Subject: [HamApps] JtAlert Not Logging to HRD or N3jhp #FT8


JTAlertx has quick logging to my HRD logbook. I installed the latest version 2.11.5. I have the latest Wsjt-x and HRD. I get this message when trying to log to HRD. This message repeats itself over and over again until I close JTAlertx

FAILURE : QSO Not logged!


ERROR Message : HRD : Unsupported ODBC DSN


Callsign :  KI0E

Frequency :  18.101551 MHz

Logged Mode :  FT8


This message has been placed in the Windows clipboard.


HRD TCP Logging command result returned =>

Ken Hendrickson - w6bzy



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