locked Differentiating Needed State or Country and Calling CQ or not

Stephen - K6SJT

Question on setting Alerts –


If someone calls CQ and I haven’t worked them before on a Band, the Alert is GREEN


I also have alerts set for specific States on specific Bands so they show up as Yellow, but of course wanted States show up yellow whether or not they’re calling CQ.


For the last couple days I’ve been working 6M 10M and 12M and I’m sometimes getting YELLOW alerts for 6 or more States, but of course some are in the middle of a QSO and others are calling CQ.


Is there a method to set an alert that allows a quick look to see those wanted States (YELLOW) that are actually calling CQ - a hybrid of Wanted State and Calling CQ that shows up as a unique color.


Thanks -

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