locked JTalert vs. WSJT-X --rig-name config file path confusion

Neal Pollack


I am confused about how to properly use WSJT-X.exe --rig-name=ICOM or Yaesu for a multi-rig config,
and how that interacts with JTalert.   I tried switching to the multi rig configuration last ngiht, and using
WSJT-X with the command line starting option did indeed create a new configuration directory for each
of my different transceivers.  BUT, when JTalert did not seem to match behavior, I looked in JTalert, clicked
the "?" then clicked ABOUT, and the pop-up dialog box on JTalert shows that it was using the default WSJT-X
config file path, and NOT the new ones in the folders I created with the WSJT-X --rig-name= options.

Does anyone have more experience/education/documentation to share with me so I can understand how
to properly make use of the wsjt-x -r option, or *IF* that option is even compatible with JTalert at this time?


Neal  N6YFM

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