locked MachineLearning/Anomalous.100% False Positive?

Mike N4LKB

Per your recommendations regarding possible false positives, I have submitted to following to Malwarebytes....I will let you know their response...

After installing the HamApps_JTAlert_2.11.2_Setup.exe, running the program results in an automatic quarantine of the exe, which my Malwarebytes Premium v3.4.5 shows as a file named "MachineLearning/Anomalous.100%". This also occurs on the previous version v 2.11.1. However, previous to that, v2.10.17 runs fine, has run fine since April 2017, and reverting to that shows no malware.

The JTAlert file is located at https://HamApps.com , and is a reputable site as well as author. Their previous files have been fault free, and they pay great attention to virus/malware issues. To quote them:

      Since JTAlert was released in 2011, there have never been any documented virus/malware/trojan infections caused by JTAlert.
     Prior to making a new JTAlert release publicly available, all JTAlert files and the Installer are submitted to the VirusTotal Online Scanner where scans from over 60 commercial scanners are performed.

I would like to see if your organization feels this is a false positive. Thank you in advance.

From a HamApps perspective, I am running Intel quad processor desktop, Windows 10 16299.431, wsjtx-1.9.1-win32, HRD Logbook v6.4.0.840 with an IC-735 and MFJ-1279 Sound card interface.

I'll just revert to 2.10.17 until further notice.



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