locked 2.11.1 & 2.11.2 fails


Using Win 7 & WSJTX 1.9.1
The following happens when installing either version 2.11.1 or 2.11.2 of JTAlert. Previous versions install and work FB.
Malwarebytes quarantines the "jtalert.exe" file and the program is unusable.

I deactivate malwarebytes and install either of the 2 latest versions of JTAlert and the program works ok, except I notice the following difference compared to version 2.10.17. With the new versions, decoded callsigns do not disappear until (2) 15 second decodes have accumulated. With version 2.10.17, all decodes clear out with each 15 second period.

Of course, when I activate malwarebytes again, it deletes the "jtalert.exe" file. No changes have been made to my system, that I know about.

Dan K4SHQ posted a message yesterday and I think the same type of failure is happening on his end.

When I revert back to 2.10.17, all is good.


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