locked Re: JTAlert 2.11.1 Fails install

David Michael Gaytko // WD4KPD

just a note...

v2.11.1 installed with no hits/runs/errors.  right over top of previous version.

when new icons created, just moved them and replaced the previous ones in my wsjt folder.

setup is win10/1803


On 6/3/2018 2:48 PM, Dan Malcolm wrote:

I have read the other reports of JTAlert 2.11.1 showing errors during install.  When I install 2.11.1, I don’t receive any errors.  However if I try to use the existing shortcut to start JTAlert, I get an error saying that the shortcut is invalid.  Looking at the install folder, I see JTAlert.exe with the musical note icon instead of the “X” icon (I selected only the WSJT-X install).  If I double click that, the file seems to delete itself. 


I have tried this 5 time with the same results, and both before and after a reboot.  I have also re-downloaded the new JTAlert to no avail.


I am quite sure that Laurie will sort this out in short order, but in the meantime I will stick with 2.10.17.


Dan – K4SHQ


Dan - K4SHQ

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