locked New JTAlert 2.10.17 Available : WSJT-X UDP Rebroadcast, Fixes, Calls Display Speedup. #Announcement #NewRelease

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

New JTAlert 2.10.17 is available for download.

Visit https://HamApps.com for the download link and upgrade instructions.

Release Notes for 2.10.17
  New Features:
    - WSJT-X UDP packet rebroadcast. Rebroadcasts any received UDP packets on a
       user defined IP & Port.
       (Default: OFF, Window: Settings, Section: Applications, WSJT-X).
    - Option to disable Callsign frequency sorting (and dupe removal) of decodes
       at the end of a decode period, which causes Callsign shuffling in JTAlert.
       Typically seen when WSJT-X is set to Deep Decode. This will produce a notice-
       able speed up in the display of new Callsigns. This frequency sort was needed
       due to decodes being received in batches, out of frequency (DF) order, from
       WSJT-X (dupe removal was a side-effect of the sorting).
       (Default: ON, Window: Settings, Section: Miscellaneous, Performance).

    - Callsign sorting by frequency is now disabled by default, producing callsigns
       listed in the same order as WSJT-X. See the new feature above for detail.
    - Several plugins which were spawned every minute (or less) are now permanently
       running. Specifically, plugins for text messages, band activity, HamSpots.net
       spots and SpotCollector spots. (The plugin will not be run if the associated
       feature is not enabled).

    - Very brief changeing of mouse pointer to the busy/waiting pointer several times
       per minute. Produced by the Windows OS whenever a background (non-window) process
       was spawned. This was NOT caused by JTAlert code changing the pointer claimed by
       some users, but by the Windows OS in response to a process load/start command.
    - Some users (Win7 & WinXP) not receiving updates available notifications.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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