locked Windows 10 JTAlert-x


Hello Group
I am new to groups.io used Yahoo groups in the past been using Digital modes for several years.

Can anyone answer why I am having a load of grief when wanting to run JTAlert-x on windows 10, to communicate with HRD v5 heres a outline of what I have tried
Windows 7 x64 Pro HRD V5 b2893 JTAlert-X WSIT-X works without any issues.& fine with FT8

Using same setup for Windows 10 x64 pro RS3 Cant get JTAlert FT8 to communicate with HRD

Tried ports 7809 & 7825
Host addresses 1 2 & 3
Turning Windows defender and firewall off

Not sure why this is happening, is it something wrong I am doing or is it down to Windows 10?

Pete 2e0keh

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