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As usual, your responses are very quick and helpful.

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Subject: Re: [HamApps] FT8 DXPedition Test
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Date: Sun, April 08, 2018 1:31 pm
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On 9/04/2018 4:10 AM, John H. Long Jr. wrote:
Can anyone confirm if the FOX call sign was passed to JTAlert when in DXpedition mode?

I was not able to copy the FOX and have no way to confirm if the FOX contact is passed to JTAlert or not.

Perhaps I can clarify my request.

During the last FT8 DXpedition test I could see a lot of hounds calling / responding to the FOX.
My problem was that I never saw anything from the FOX (He was in AZ and too close to me).

Now if this had been a real DXpedition they would be on the air for days.
It is not practical to sit and watch the monitor for long periods of time just waiting to see if I could copy a transmission from the FOX.

It would be nice if WSJT-X sent the FOX information to JTAlert and then Have JTAlert sound the alarm and/or send a text message when I could receive the FOX's transmission.

Could you please assist me in getting this request to the correct party?

Any and all help would be appreciated.

Thanks again and 73,

John H. Long Jr.

According to
Hasan, N0AN, in this post https://hamapps.groups.io/g/Support/message/19739 the Fox Callsign is decoded by JTAlert.

My suggestion for getting alerted to the Fox being decoded at your end is to set the Fox as a Wanted Call in JTAlert and to enable the Out of Shack alert being sure to enable the Wanted Callsign as the trigger (Settings section, Alerts -> Miscellaneous Alerts -> Out of Shack).

Additionally you could set up a User-Defined alert (with a Wanted Callsign alert) and setup emailing of the alert, but do note, this is not a trivial task and it is expected the user has the computer skill to setup the smtp mailer and write the necessary batch file (see the help file, Settings -> Alerts -> Miscellaneous Alerts -> User Defined Alert topic). The help file also contains a sample batch file for using the freeware blat smtp emailer, looks under the Tutorials topic.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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