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Someday in the near future you will have to upgrade to Windows 10 for security reasons.  I tried a Windows 7 to 10 upgrade and could not get the upgrade to work.  I ended up completing a fresh install of 10 and I love it.  I run a large suite of HAM applications with no problems.


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LOG4OM has a lot of nice attributes.  However there are a couple of things that make me scratch because they show no inclinatiion to fix them.  Oh well, nothing can be perfect i guess.  No doubt it will work fine on WIN 10 but i'm going the WIN 7 route and i understand from some sources that it's a little bit different platform.  We'll see.




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I don’t know anything about LOG4OM, but a quick google search suggests that it will work fine on Win 10.  The LOG4OM site suggests that it has ended XP support


Migrating to a new PC can interesting. 

 Good luck, Scott W7SLS


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I have a couple of grandkids but they live in Texas and i live in Arizona.  They don't come here to play on the computer so it's just me.  I don't need a high end graphics card cause i don't play games on the machine either.  It's used for Email and ham radio only.  What i have works really well but the XP Pro doesn't have the power nor the memory to run all the digital stuff as the system locks up when i try to run the Decode History page on WSJT-DX.  Been wanting to go to Win 7 anyway.  I see some on Ebay that have 8 or 16 gig of memory along with 500GB of HD of which i will never use more than 60% of so that's perfectly adequate.  i'm not sure how i will get the LOg4OM database into  WIN7 though from the XP Pro system.  I've been told that you can't reuse some of the stuff from XP into win 7.  That's my big concern as it's quite large and has all my contacts in it.

Thanks for the note. APpreciate any input as to this change.




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And if you have Kids or Grandkids that want to play games on Steam then you better be darn sure to get a high end graphics card. That will cost more than some PCs though. If your card is less than 300 dollars it is probably not enough 😊

NOT needed for ham radio though.


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HP Laptop


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It’s a bit like asking what to have for dinner. ;)


Lots of good choices out there, and almost anything will be much faster than a legacy XP machine.


One of many ways to start is to think about form factor.  

Laptop — doubles as a portable computer, but may have fewer USB slots, and some find the ergonomics a challenge (they take up desk space)

Desktop — wide range available, from entry level to uber gaming.  Some have fan noise, and consider where you’ll put it. Desktop ( valuable space), floor (longer cables).

Mini — example. Intel NUC.   Wide range including loaded with SSD.  Quiet.  Mount on the back PC a monitor if you wish

Micro — example Intel compute stick, like a thumb drive.  I’ve seen ppl run Winlink express on these in a go kit, but not sure they’d be up to multiple programs etc.  


Me? I retired my laptop and went for an i7 intel NUC.  Happy.  


Good luck whatever you choose 




On Mar 29, 2018, at 3:59 PM, Lawrence Godek <LawrenceG94@...> wrote:

Well it's evident that my computer running XP-Pro SP3 is never going to get better and allow me to run the full WSJT- WSJTX pair.  Besides that i can't even run LOG4OM anymore.  So if i'm going to have to upgrade to Windows 10 or something (?) what should i specify my needs are for max capabilities in the way of memory?  Something off the shelf or customization necessary?  How about Win 7 or 8?  See lots of those machines available with what seems like lots of memory capacity and fairly economical at that.  Really like to be able to take advantage of all of the features in WSJTX.




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