locked Re: New PC

Jim Brown

Hi Larry,

It's nearly impossible to find a NEW computer, or even a refurb, with anything but Win 10. If you're REALLY lucky, you may find one with Win 7. These are the operating systems -- what matters more is processor speed and RAM. Also, remember that while older machines have a lot lower speed, the older operating systems don't automatically add a lot of "Stuff" for the processor to deal with and to fill RAM. 

I've given older laptops retired from my business (or bought used) a new lease on life by simply adding RAM. If you have an XP machine, by all means add memory to bring it to 4GB. The most RAM that XP can organize is about 3GB, but 3GB is 1 GB better than 2GB. IMO, the only downside of XP is that RAM limitation.

If you're buying a new machine, go for an i7 processor and 16GB of RAM.  I've put solid state drives in a few laptops and been thrilled with how fast they seem, and deal with memory paging.

On Thu, Mar 29, 2018 at 3:59 PM, Lawrence Godek <LawrenceG94@...> wrote:

Well it's evident that my computer running XP-Pro SP3 is never going to get better and allow me to run the full WSJT- WSJTX pair.  Besides that i can't even run LOG4OM anymore.  So if i'm going to have to upgrade to Windows 10 or something (?) what should i specify my needs are for max capabilities in the way of memory?  Something off the shelf or customization necessary?  How about Win 7 or 8?  See lots of those machines available with what seems like lots of memory capacity and fairly economical at that.  Really like to be able to take advantage of all of the features in WSJTX.



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