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On 26/03/2018 7:03 AM, Vince Loschiavo wrote:
Here we go again.
New PC
New load of HRD
JT Alert 2.10.15
I need some direction on how to get my logging working agin to my HRD logbook.
Thanks in advance.


What is not working?
What steps have you taken to setup the HRD 6 logging?

Setup is simple...
  1. Create the log in HRD.
  2. Restart JTAlert and then Open the Settings to the Logging -> HRD section.
  3. Select the "Version 6.3 or later" radio button
  4. Select the Log Name.
  5. Enable HRD logging checkbox.
  6. Close Settings and restart JTAlert

de Laurie VK3AMA

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