locked Re: Using JTAlertX causes WSJT-X to miss decodes

Jim - N4ST

The SignaLink USB was notorious for low frequency noise and was particularly troublesome with dirty USB power which varied from PC to PC.
There are a variety of fixes on the Internet if you Google them.
My SignaLink wasn't that bad and I also just high pass filtered at 300 Hz and made many thousands of digital QSOs, HF, VHF and Meteor Scatter with the SignaLink.

Jim - N4ST

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You've got some nasty low freq noise in your signal that is swamping everything.
You need to adjust the bottom end of your rig's filter to 200Hz or so and see if that helps (it should.

This is more what it should look like:

Michael D. Black

On Thursday, March 8, 2018, 4:23:31 PM CST, Hank Tyler <mailto:tylerhster@gmail.com> wrote:

Wow, thanks for the quick response!
I've enclosed 3 sound files hoping this may help. The middle one produces no decodes.
I am using SignaLink USB for my radio sound card.I will still try disabling JTAlert sounds. Windows sounds are already disabled.
Mike, how do I change the priority of the JT9 (sic) and WSJT-X processes? You mean FT8 don't you?


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