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On 24/02/2018 8:04 AM, Matt Thomas W5MT wrote:
I just assumed that the only intent of the function was to aid you in chasing a callsign for a new country, state, grid or other.  Rather, while I do use the "Wanted Callsign" for that purpose, I was also using it for seeing when buddies show up on the band, which was effective only until I worked them the first time.  However, your comment regarding the priority is illuminating and most helpful. 

de Matt W5MT

The Wanted Call alert, obeys the worked B4 checks (as do all the other Wanted alerts) and is not entirely suitable for a Wanted Friend (Buddy) style of alert.

The Wanted Call alert is for those chasing specific Callsigns that wish to work them on each band/mode regardless of whether those Callsigns will generate one of the other Alerts. Some use cases...
  • Chasing a DXPedition to work on as many Bands/Modes as possible.
  • Chasing a specific Callsign that is a known reliable QSL'er (eg. I use this for Callsigns that use LoTW and I  want to get the LoTW confirmations regardless of previous Card confirmations).

A Wanted Friend (Buddy) alert is on the todo list, but unlikely to be implemented until JTAlert V3.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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