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Which is a good reason to have a local log and one that confirms any uploads to a new service by downloading the new ones and comparing to confirm sync. DXKeeper of DXLABS for example.



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Yep, I suspect that FT8 is the culprit!




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I'm uploading from Log4OM and see the same problem.

I think hrdlog is getting overloaded by all the FT8 QSOs going on.  Besides the fact that there are more people on FT8 than has ever been on any mode in the history of ham radio and it's happening 4 times as fast as the JT modes.


I get my weekly report from hrdlog and it has had a lot more missed uploads lately.


de Mike W9MDB



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I have currently configured JTAlert to automatically upload logged contacts to HRDLog.net. This has worked well for me for several years, but recently I have experienced a number of missing QSOs on their site. I do not think that this is a JTAlert problem as I also see it at times when I upload manually from my local logging program HRD Logbook v. 5.24.


I was wondering if HRDLog.net provides any confirmation that QSOs are logged successfully at their end and if that could somehow be made available to me via JTAlert? I also automatically upload to eQSL, not for my own use but for the benefit of others who might use that service...a similar confirmation would be handy.



JTAlert keeps a record of most activity, including HRDLog uploads.
Look for text files named "hrdlog" in the "%localappdata%\HamApps\K0KC\session\JTAlertX\" directory.
The files are plain text so notepad or similar is suitable for opening the files.

de Laurie VK3AMA


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