locked QSL Message


I make use of the QSL Message field at the bottom of JTAlertX.  I use the following string:


%Name% Thanks for QSO - Pwr: %Power%W, UR RST: %RstS%, 73 Dan K4SHQ


For several versions now, only the %RstS% token gets replaced with anything.  As of version 2.10.15, %Name% and %Power% should be the correct tokens.  A review of the help file verified that, but provided no additional help that I could find.  A perusal of Settings also didn’t reveal anything amiss.


Regardless, I seem to be the only one with this problem, because nobody else has complained.  Therefore I must be doing something wrong.  Can you help?





Dan – K4SHQ


Dan - K4SHQ

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