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On 13/02/2018 8:47 AM, Warren Greenberg via Groups.Io wrote:
 I did what Laurie asked and there was a slight improvement.
 The test config was the Flex3000 was set on com11, HRD rig control set to com12, the Flex3000 & HRD was setup as PowerSDR as the radio type. WSJT had its radio set to HRD, and JTAlert set to HRD ver 6. I took DDUTIL out of the picture completely with this setup. The com port pairs were built in VSP Manager.
 After I did the above config, I did a system shutdown and power up. I then powered up the flex & stsrted tge flex in software, then started HRD and then WSJT and then JTalert in that order.
 When I double clicked on a call in WSJT it still took several seconds for the PTT to kick in, it appears a little quicker that ehen DDUTIL was involved.
 When I wrnt back to my setup with Logic9 running with DDUTIL (HRD not active) the PTT appears to be instiantanious. 
 So I suspect something in the HRD rig control settings.

From you description is sounds like it might be a slow CAT comms problem. Try turning off split mode in WSJT-X to see if that helps. I wonder if there is some CAT handshaking happening (setting and checking VFOs as an example) that might be contributing to the delays.

Sorry, I don't have an answer. You could try posting this to the "wsjtgroup" on Yahoo. The WSJT-X developers hang out there so you might get some insight from them as to what may be the cause.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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