locked Re: Where does the data come from for the lookup?

Brian Kassel K7RE

Laurie Said:
"If you want JTAlert to provide accurate State alerts I can put in-place a Callsign override in the FCC Data import code so that each

time the Callsigns database is updated (as well as HamSpots,net) your State is recorded per your last request. I already do this for

6 other Callsigns, adding another is not a problem.

If you request an override, please be aware that the override is permanent until you request its removal. It is a manual process (not

onerous, 5 seconds to comment out the code). It is not automated based on date or some online service lookup change detection. You

simply request via email that the current override be removed or changed."

Apparently I had been dealing with all of the wrong sources in my quest to get the state changed.
I was not aware of the process in which state names are determined.

Your suggestion as to how to get an over ride for the state names was unknown to me, so
I ended up pursuing the wrong  sources.

I now understand the process, and I thank you for your direction.

Since my state changes and locations will change from week to week, I am not sure
that I should bother you with the constant updates that would be required.

Thanks again for the excellent reply, and for your time in supporting the applcation.

I will think on it a bit.

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Brian K7RE

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