locked Re: Where does the data come from for the lookup?

Brian Kassel K7RE

Hello Folks:

K7RE here in AZ.
Yes, I am a snow bird, or winter visitor to AZ from SD, my home QTH.
I have been trying for months to get my temporary QTH, AZ, listed on JT-Alert
instead of my home QTH, SD.
I am well aware that JT-Alert is not at fault in any way.
This is only a TEMPORARY change, as we will be returning to SD in May.
Since this move is temporary, and we will be running the Grid Chase
event from several additional states before we return home, there seems
to be no easy method to correct my QTH as we move from state to state.

Of course my Grid Squre identifier will always be correct.

There has to be many other traveling hams who are having this same issue.

If anyone has a clue as to what I can do from my end to correct this,
please let me know.

I am very sorry for the confusion.

Sent by my Raspberry PI3
Brian K7RE

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