locked Re: WSJT-X, JTALertX, and ACLog

Kevin k5vp

Under radio tab, select Ham Radio Deluxe.

Setup logging via JTAlertX for ACLog.  Pretty straightforward, even for an old guy like me.


On Wed, Feb 7, 2018 at 2:35 PM, Buzz Loeschman <ni5dx@...> wrote:



After several hours and help from several people I finally have WSJT-X and JTAlertX working with HRD.

All is working fine and the auto logging is the greatest thing going.


So, why am I posting this?  I don’t really like the HRD Logbook.  I much prefer ACLog with which I am more familiar.

I am hoping to get the combo working correctly.  However, when I go to the settings in WSJT-X I cannot find ACLog

like I find HRD and DXLab as options to choose.  I do find ACL in the JTAlertX settings.


In WSJT-X, what should I choose under Rig in the Radio tab? 


Is there anything else that needs to be set to ACLog that I am missing?


I see posts from several folks that are using ACLog and their log program so I know it is possible.


Thanks again for any help and suggestions.







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