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In WSJT-X, what should I choose under Rig in the Radio tab


Use your rig.  What is your XCVR?


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After several hours and help from several people I finally have WSJT-X and JTAlertX working with HRD.

All is working fine and the auto logging is the greatest thing going.


So, why am I posting this?  I don’t really like the HRD Logbook.  I much prefer ACLog with which I am more familiar.

I am hoping to get the combo working correctly.  However, when I go to the settings in WSJT-X I cannot find ACLog

like I find HRD and DXLab as options to choose.  I do find ACL in the JTAlertX settings.


In WSJT-X, what should I choose under Rig in the Radio tab? 


Is there anything else that needs to be set to ACLog that I am missing?


I see posts from several folks that are using ACLog and their log program so I know it is possible.


Thanks again for any help and suggestions.







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