locked Re: Jt-alert won't log after installing QSO Relay

Jim - N4ST

I don't see a callsign anywhere in your post.

But, anyway...QSO Relay has not been needed for the last few versions of HRD 6.4.x and JTAlert-X.
QSO Relay filled the gap for a while, but is no longer needed.
Jim - N4ST

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Subject: [HamApps] Jt-alert won't log after installing QSO Relay

I was loading QSO Relay this afternoon, in preparation for HRD. I was getting errors about unable to log QSO. I went & uninstalled QSO Relay, did a restart and getting the same error. I'm now set set up for adif logging. I can do a scanlog & update from my logging program adif dump.

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