locked New JTAlert 2.10.9 Available. #Announcement #NewRelease

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

New JTAlert 2.10.9 is available for download. *** Please review the Release Notes ***

IMPORTANT: ARRL 2018 Grid Chase participants need to use this version.
See the Help File, "Tutorials -> ARRL International Grid Chase 2018" topic for Grid Chase setup.

Visit HamApps.com for the download link and upgrade instructions.

Release Notes for 2.10.9
  New Features:
    - Works with new 5.3.1 version of JT65-HF HB9HQX Edition.
       (Important Note: Only JT65-Log, the default, is supported)

    - Log4OM Settings, MySQL port field extended to accept 5 digits.
    - QSOs will not be logged and an error window will be shown if the Callsign
       to be logged doesn't match the Callsign of your current QSO partner.
       This occurs when double-clicking a new decode before completeing the
       logging of the previous QSO.

    - With Grid Chase enabled, some Callsigns may not be detected as a B4,
       resulting in possible inappropriate alerting.
    - Manually changed Wanted States not being remembered with the needed count
       not updating. Affecting WAS alerts, on 20m and when mode tracking is set
       to "Any WSJT-X Mode (JT9 or JT65 or FT8)". (2.10.0 defect)
    - ADIF Scan Log not finding States when an LoTW ADIF export file is used.
    - Decodes History statistics not updated, decodes not restored after
       JTAlert restart and exports/backups non-functional.
       (affecting a very small number of users).
    - No B4 detection for those running with Logging disabled. (2.10.8 defect)
    - Scan Log ignoring ACLog records that were missing QSO frequencies.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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