locked Re: JTAlert 2.10.8 I cannot get grid chase going.

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On 10/01/2018 12:04 PM, K6RC wrote:
It does not populate when I have grid only.   When I activate state or dxcc country it does populate.  I cannot get the grid chase feature to work.  I just uninstalled 2.10.8 and reinstalled it.  Same problem.  Since others seem to be able to use it I must have done something wrong.  I am using UDP  with ACLog to WSJT-x v1.8.0-rc2 and then jtalert 2.10.8
please help

Dave  K6RC


Firstly, not related to the Grid alerts, your running an old pre-release beta of WSJT-X. You should be running the 1.8.0 general release. There were many changes/optimisations across the three release candidate before the final 1.8.0 release.

Regarding the Grid Chase, did you setup per the instructions in the help file, "Tutorials -> ARRL International Grid Chase 2018" topic?
Very important is the running of an initial Scan Log and then repeat at the start of each month (after first syncing ACLog with LoTW to get your LoTW confirmations into ACLog).

de Laurie VK3AMA

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