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On 10/01/2018 1:48 AM, Rich - K1HTV wrote:
Hi Laurie,
  As many thousands are now doing, I'm participating in the ARRL International Grid Chase.  I just started using the JTAlert grid alert feature, where CQing stations in a grid not yet worked on the band I'm on, are flagged with an asterisk and the colors that I've chosen for that type of alert.

It's been working fine but I noticed that stations in grids worked this year, even on this date, continue to show up as not yet being worked. I'm using DXkeeper for logging, but assume that the JTAlert database of QSOs is being used to determine if the QSO is a dupe. Shouldn't these stations NOT appear flagged as being needed grids?

Am I missing a setup requirement to shut off these duplicate grids?

Thanks for all of your efforts to develop and maintain this great JT8 tool.

Rich - K1HTV


A grid will continue to be alerted until it is marked as no longer needed, that is it has been LoTW confirmed.
You need to periodically sync DXKeeper with LoTW to get the confirmations into the log. Once DXKeeper has been updated, run a JTAlert Scan Log to get those new confirmed grids marked as no longer needed.

Remember the Grid Chase resets you grid totals every month, so you need to run a JTAlert Scan Log at the start of each month. Grids confirmed in the previous month will again be marked as needed and generate alerts. frequent mid-moth scans are also recommended.

JTAlert doesn't automatically remove a grid from the wanted list after working a Station, as there is no guarantee that Station will confirm the Grid with a LoTW upload. The grid will continue to be alerted until confirmed.

Many operators are performing the LoTW upload, Logger sync with LoTW and JTAlert Scan Log sequence on a daily basis, some more frequently.

This is no different from the traditional alerting in JTAlert where, say a dxcc or state, will continue to be alerted until it is marked as no longer need in JTAlert.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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