locked Re: Alerting on a station calling CQ and a wanted grid.


I alert on three criteria: 1) CQ, 2) LoTW Member, 3) Wanted Grid.

I see if all three criteria are met at the same time by setting up JTAlert as follows:

1. For CQ, I turn off "Enable CQ and QRZ Alert", and turn on "Show border around Callsign - Show All CQs". I also turn on "Show Directional CQs".  

2. For LoTW, I turn on "Enable LoTW Strip/Flag.

3. For Wanted Grid, I turn on "Enable ARRL 2018 Grid Chase" (salmon color). I also change the Alert Priority so that Wanted Grid is at the top.

Now when a station calls CQ, and is a LoTW member, and is in a wanted grid, I see a Salmon filled box, with a green border, and a LoTW Strip/Flag.

. . . John (WA3CAS)

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