locked #Announcement : ARRL 2018 Grid Chase and JTAlert 2.10.7 / 2.10.8 #Announcement

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

While the current release of JTAlert (2.10.7) has support for the Grid Chase there are some issues with B4 alerting when the Grid Chase is enabled. These were only discovered today as I was finalising the instructions to be published here in the forum.

People can still use 2.10.7 starting from Jan-1 2018 UTC for the Chase (you will need to execute a
Wanted Grids Scan Log after the start of the new UTC year). You will likely experience incorrect B4 alerting as you start to work new grids. These will have to be ignored. There is no penalty if you work someone again on the same band.

If you stay with 2.10.7 after 2.10.8 is released you will need to upgrade before the start of the new Month (February) after which 2.10.7 Wanted Grid Log Scans will not be reset and you will no longer get accurate alerts with all grids for the new month still showing as B4s when they should all be alerted as needed.

I expect to release JTAlert 2.10.8 later today or early tomorrow my local time which will still be before the start of the new 2018 UTC Year. 2.10.8 will have the all changes in place to fix the incorrect B4 alerting of Grid Chase Grids and a comprehensive Grid Chase setup tutorial in the Help file.

I hope all that wasn't too confusing.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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