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Marion D. Kitchens

Does the auto close timeout work on incoming messages, or only on the messages I am sending out?  Mine had been set for 20 seconds (defalut I think), but incoming messages were very short.  Too short for me to react to.   I did send myself a test message and a reply, inwhich the 20 seconds worked great.
Marion,   K4GOK
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On 30/12/2017 11:43 PM, Kenneth Miller wrote:
Hi Gary, that was me. I was doing 3 things at once and did not see your reply until this morning. One thought, I believe the default setting for the text message window is to disappear after a few seconds. That used to bug me because the message would disappear sometimes while I was still reading it. I remember the setting was not too easy to find, in fact, I just looked through the settings and could not find it at all. Anyway, I somehow set my text window to stay open after a message so that I need not be staring at the screen all of the time. That might be a big part of the problem,

The Text Message window can be set to remain open or auto close with a timeout between 10 secs to 180 secs.
The settings are easily found under the "Web Services" section of the Settings window.


de Laurie VK3AMA

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