locked Re: ADIF log scan saying all needed

Dani YO5LD

I did delete the Hamapps folder from Appdata-Local and reinstalled JTAlertX. Now, the scan log does 'see' something, but obviously not everything.
I'm using an ADIF with 29k QSOs. Tried one exported by UcxLog also one exported from ClubLog (after importing the original adif from UcxLog).
After this 'almost' scan, I tried switching over to DXKeeper logging. After scanning the 29k qsos it says that everything is needed.

73 HNY

2017-12-29 19:39 GMT+02:00 <stephen.smith@...>:

I am having almost the same problem as of this morning.  I re-ran the scan log and rebuild on my latest ADIF file (from LoTW which had worked flawlessly in the past).  It came back telling me that I needed all states on all bands (I have completed WAS on at least four bands with many states on the remaining bands and the scans used to reflect that).  At that point, I also noticed it was not updating the needed DXCC list with the latest values in my log.  I had been running JTAlertX v2.10.5 for WSJT-X when I noticed this.  I then updated to the latest version 2.10.7 and updated the call databases as well.  The behavior remained the same.  I took the gentleman's advice below, deleted my configuration, input my settings, rescanned the log, and it basically told me I needed everything, everywhere (as in no QSLs for anything).  I finally uninstalled JTAlertX and performed a fresh install.  This helped some.  It now reflects the needed DXCC list correctly (even by individual band and mode), but it still says I need every state on every band for every mode, etc.  I'm not sure where to go from here.  Any help is appreciated.

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