locked Moving from Vista to Windows 10

John Singler

Not really an JTAlert problem, but after a week, I haven't had any takers on the HRD Yahoo group and there are some REALLY knowledgeable folk here. I have HRD ver 5, JTAlert ver2.10.7 andWSJT-X ver 1.8.0.
My laptop running Vista died - hardware fault. I had a backup on a usb drive but my wife's laptop is running Windows 10 and you can't just restore from Vista to Win 10! After 3 restore cycles and several days of copying files, I have most of my files and most programs work. The HRD Logbook is a problem! It will start from HRD or by itself, but won't load any records and stops responding. If I Run as Administrator and it loads the log records and reads from and writes to Digital Master and JTAlert.

If I launch JTAlert without Run and Admin, I get this error message:

Sorry, there has been an error!


Current Function : _calldata_query()

Calling Function : 1


DSN Name : 


DSN Driver : Driver do Microsoft Access (*.mdb)


Conn String : DSN=HRD My Logbook - Access;Trusted_Connection=Yes;Persist Security Info=True;




err.description is: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot open the file '(unknown)'.  It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view its data.

err.windescription: Unspecified error


err.number is: 80020009

err.lastdllerror is: 0

err.scriptline is: -1

err.source is: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers

err.helpfile is:

err.helpcontext is: 0


This error message has been placed in the Windows Clipboard.


I tried changing the owner of logbook and the data file to the original user, made sure administrator isn't check in their properties, made sure my user has full privileges, copied the JTAlert and HRD directories to the original user AppData directory. Not sure what else to do except Run and Admin and tolerate the "Are you sure?" warning! Any better ideas?

There are now 3 Users on the machine - D, the original, S, the Vista user, and D.S. i don't know where DdotS came from and it has no login and most of its file folders are empty. Once everything is working, I plan on deleting the S and D.S users, just for housekeeping.


Thanks and 73

John KA5BJC 


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