locked Re: 2.10.5

Jim Nuytens

I had the same issue. Temporarily disable AVG, run the setup file, then re-enable AVG.

On 12/2/2017 12:38 AM, Lawrence Godek wrote:
Well i did it, downloaded the new version and then ran the Setup.exe file.  I have closed out Log4OM and restarted it.  I have rebooted the computer, everything else comes up including WSJT-X but when it comes to starting the new version of JTAlert, i get a flag from AVG who by the way i do no longer subscribe to but it keeps throwing flags out at me, saying the the program is being checked for validity.  When i close their window i get another warning across the screen that says i don't have the necessary permissions to run this program.  I even deleted the first download and did another download and a 2nd run of the setup.exe.  NADA.

Before i downloaded the new version i thought, what i have is working fine, why upgrade except for the addition of the GRID chase next year.  Must be something simple.  I changed nothing at all, did just like the instructions said.


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