locked New JTAlert 2.10.5 Available. #Announcement #NewRelease

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

New JTAlert 2.10.5 is available for download.

*** Please review the Release Notes ***

Visit HamApps.com for the download link and upgrade instructions.

Release Notes for 2.10.5
  New Features:
    - Band Activity Display (titlebar), the color and visibility of the Band numbers
       is now controlled by the mode, either single mode counts or the highest
       count from a combination of modes (FT8,JT65,JT9) or (JT565,JT9).
       (Default: Auto (FT8,JT65,JT9), Settings Section: Window, Band Activity Display).
    - Wanted Grids option to instruct the Scan Log to only consider QSOs (year 2018)
       for the ARRL 2018 International Grid Chase event.
       (Default: OFF, Settings Section: Alerts, Wanted Grid)
    - Commandline parameter to change the enabled logger, "/log=".
       See the help file, Tutorials -> CommandLine Parameters topic.
    - Commandline parameter to specify the adif log file, "/logfile=". This is used
       only when "/log=ADIF" is also used. The file will be automatically created
       if it doens't exist and is a valid Windows name and path.
       See the help file, Tutorials -> CommandLine Parameters topic.

    - Spanish Language support removed.
    - "Scan Log and Update" (of Wanted Lists) renamed "Scan Log and Rebuild" to more
       accurately reflect the operations being performed.
    - Supported Bands extended. Now all bands from 2200m to 1.25cm are now correctly
       logged (previous unsupported bands were logged as 0m but with the correct freq).

    - Non LoTW/eQSL Callsigns displayed despite QSL membership filters being set
       that should have hidden the Callsign from display.
    - For split operations the RX frequency (Dial + RX DF) was not being logged the
       TX frequency was being used for the RX value. This fix for WSJT-X only.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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