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On 29/10/2017 6:36 AM, Mike Condon wrote:
A bit of FYI for HRD/JTAlert users. I wanted to make a FT8 only log, so I exported my FT8 Qs to an adif file, and saved them. Then in HRD I made a new FT8 log, an access DB.
I had trouble getting JTAlert to change over from the old DB, it just would not allow a selection for change.
SO... In HRD there is a log/DB manager. In that pane, I found my new log was on the bottom of the selection list...
Moving it "UP" to the top was what "seemed" to allow JTAlert to find it... then a rescan of the new log, and all is back to usual... Just sharing... NE4S,, Mike

Not a big issue at all, and others may not be seeing it, and I may have done some other silly thing.... But FYI... NE4S, Mike  


I assuming your running HRD 6.3 or later.
  1. JTAlert reads the HRD log databases setting file (LogbookDatabases.xml) when it first starts, it doesn't monitor this file looking for changes.
  2. From you description, it appears that HRDLogbook doesn't update the LogbookDatabases.xml file when you add a new log, so that must be happening when HRDLogbook is closed.

To be sure that JTAlert discovers any newly added HRDLogbook logs, restart HRDLogbook and then restart JTAlert.

Note: Point #2 I cannot confirm as I don't own a copy of HRD to test.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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