locked Selection of a new HRD log in JTAlert #HRD

Mike Condon <mike1230@...>

A bit of FYI for HRD/JTAlert users. I wanted to make a FT8 only log, so I exported my FT8 Qs to an adif file, and saved them. Then in HRD I made a new FT8 log, an access DB.
I had trouble getting JTAlert to change over from the old DB, it just would not allow a selection for change.
SO... In HRD there is a log/DB manager. In that pane, I found my new log was on the bottom of the selection list...
Moving it "UP" to the top was what "seemed" to allow JTAlert to find it... then a rescan of the new log, and all is back to usual... Just sharing... NE4S,, Mike

Not a big issue at all, and others may not be seeing it, and I may have done some other silly thing.... But FYI... NE4S, Mike  

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