locked Re: JTalert not logging to DXkeeper


Can’t say what your problem is, but I also upgraded JTAlert (and associated stuff) today and the DXKeeper interface is logging just fine for me. I didn’t do anything but run the setup apps.

Randy, KS4L 

On Oct 6, 2017, at 8:18 PM, amps@... wrote:

I see this issue has already been posted, but my situation seems unique.   I'm using JTalert 2.10.2 (just upgraded from 2.10.1) along with WSJT-X 1.8 RC2 and DXkeeper 14.2.2.

JTalert 'sees' DXkeeper -- test passes and also shows up in the DXkeeper server log.   I can use the context menu in JTkeeper to do callsign lookups in DXkeeper.   So the TCP/IP connection between the two is working.

The DXkeeper DB setting is same on both sides.   Logging checkbox is enabled.

Nothing is being ran under administrator.

The issue: JTalert is not logging any QSO's.   In fact, I think it might not even be detecting them since I don't get any error message that the logging failed.   It's just that nothing happens after the QSO -- no alert, nothing in the DXkeeper server log after the QSO.   During the QSO the calls are shown as RED so it's seeing them.

Any clues are welcome.

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