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HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

New JTAlert 2.10.2 is available for download.

*** Please review the Release Notes ***

Visit HamApps.com for the download link and upgrade instructions.

Release Notes for 2.10.2
  New Features:
    - Don't display non-alerting Callsigns filter option.
       (Default: OFF, Settings Section: Alerts, Filters).
    - B4 Alert, Option to ignore Mode when testing B4 status.
       (Default: OFF, Settings Section: Alerts, Worked B4).
    - DXKeeper, Option to instruct DXKeeper to upload logged QSO to LoTW.
       Uploads to LoTW require DXKeeper 14.2.0 or later.
       (Default: OFF, Settings Section: Logging, DXLab DXKeeper).
    - Gridsquares, Option to apply standard format to all logged qrids (eg AA99aa).
       (Default: OFF, Settings Section: Logging).
    - Out of Shack alert triggers, Option to obey the Alert Filters if set.
       (Default: ON, Settings Section: Alerts, Miscellaneous Alerts, Out of Shack).
    - Out of Shack alert triggers, Option to ignore worked B4 decodes.
       (Default: OFF, Settings Section: Alerts, Miscellaneous Alerts, Out of Shack).
    - ACLog, Option to clear ACLog data entry fields prior to JTAlert logging.
       (Default: OFF, Settings Section: Logging, ACLog).
    - JTDX, Option to indicate that JTDX is using the wsjtx.exe process name.
       (Default: ON, Settings Section: Applications, WSJT-X).
    - Logging, Option to include seconds in the TIME_ON and TIME_OFF data sent in
       the logging command. (Default: OFF, Settings Section: Logging).
    - Two new QSL Message and Comments substitutions. %QsosFT8% and %BandsFT8%
       See help file for more detail (Settings, Logging topic).
    - Two new Macro window substitution characters.
       ":" = Previous FT8 Band Count, ";" = Previous FT8 QSO count.
    - Support for WSJT-X Alt-Double-Click on CQ Calls behaviour. For the latest
       WSJT-X builds only (r8108 or later). WSJT-X will not move Tx, only Rx is
       moved when "Lock Tx-Rx" is unchecked.

    - Check of active Log4OM sqlite log file no longer performed at startup
       when the Log4OM installation is on a remote PC.
    - XML data, additional keywords added to the two name QTH tests.
    - Band Activity counts abbreviated to +1K for counts of 999 to 1999.
       Similarly, +2K, +3K, +4K and +5K (for counts in excess of 4999).
    - QSL Alert Filters no longer have dedicated CQ variants. A separate CQ only
       option is available that will automatically apply to any QSL filters set.
    - Worked B4 alert enable/disable removed (use the filters to hide B4 calls).
    - Show/hide Worked B4 and Ignored Callsigns options moved to Filters menu
       and Alerts -> Filters section of Settings.

    - HRD logging, address data previously turned off due to HRD API defect.
    - ADIF Logging, Previous QSO lookups returning gridsquare as all uppercase.
    - Inability to set the character case of your Station Gridsquare in Settings.
    - Band Activity, non-display of inactive Bands not utilising FT8 counts.
    - Old ADIF log sqlite cache files not being deleted.
    - Decoded Grid (DXGrid) not being sent to SpotCollector (2.9.9 defect).
    - Macro window substitutions not picking up data from JTAlert main window.
       Affecting WSJT-X and JTDX operating mode (2.10.0 defect).
    - Individual Wanted Alert sounds playing despite "Out of Shack" being enabled
       and decodes not triggering an "Out of Shack" alert.
    - CQ Callsigns incorrectly displaying CQ indicator and border when alert filters
       set to non-alert these callsigns (based on QSL filters).
    - Worked B4 file (B4log.mdb) import not recognising FT8.
    - Some Callsigns not being passed as valid due to a bad regex pattern. eg WS9V.
    - "Bosnia-Herzegovinia" Country name not visible below Callsign for most users.
    - Contact Support emails not being received for users using a slashed Station
       callsign, like CALLSIGN/QRP (2.10.1 defect).
    - Slow "Scan Log and Update" for large logs (typically over 20,000 records).

de Laurie VK3AMA

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